Ezra - the Radom Society for Helping the Poor and the Sick

This charitable organisation was founded in 1916 by doctor Ignacy Levi; it provided medical help, clothing and fuel for the poor, food relief  for children and the unemployed as well as parcels for Jewish holidays. "Ezra" also organized holidays for children in Busko-Zdroj, and even tried to buy a building there for those in their care. The 1931/1932 report claims that: "Notwithstanding the above-mentioned permanent forms of assistance provided by our Society, in all cases requiring specific intervention and assistance, our institution has always provided assistance to those who have seen it as the last resort."

The organisation was very active in the 1920s and the mid-1930s. In 1929, it had about 600 active members and was one of the most significant Jewish charities but, over time, the Society became less active and a report from that time stated that: "The help from America has stopped, the government and the  local authorities have withheld their grants, the number of donors has decreased, and the numer of those in need is constantly rising." The same document claimed that the Society had only about 150 members, among them, Samuel Adler, Ignacy Lewi, Henoch Wajntraub, Neum Szenderowicz, Icchak Grin and Chana Tajtelbaum.

Ezra’s seat was at 62 Traugutta Street (now 52). After the end of the war, in 1945, it was a night shelter for the Jews returning to the city.
Ezra was just one of many Jewish associations active in Radom before 1939. There were numerous charities, educational organisations and sports clubs as well as dynamic political parties and newspapers published both in Polish and Yiddish.

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1. "Ezra" members’ meeting , 1930s, photo from  The Book of Radom; The Story of a Jewish Community in Poland Destroyed by the Nazis
2.  ”Ezra’s” signboard, late 1930s, the frame of the film about Radom made by Jacob Diament
3 and 4 - Fragment from "Ezra’s" report